Book: Deep inside

1 January 2023

Book: Deep inside

Extraordinary resources, possessed by every person and athlete, are to be found in ‘the wisdom of our bodies and the strength of our minds’. Once we are aware of these resources, we are enabled to express ourselves to our maximum levels through our work, our sport and our lives.
Deep Inside is an innovative methodology that combines techniques of mental training with a unique context: the element of water.
‘Immersed deeply within ourselves, we bring our resources to the surface.’ The book Deep Inside uses simple and easy-to-understand language to reveal to athletes and to newcomers alike some of the extraordinary instruments we can put to practical effect in attaining our objectives.
Alessandro and Rosarita work on a daily basis with professionals and outstanding champions from water sports and other disciplines. Drawing on this work, they summarize some basic principles that will introduce the reader to the outstanding opportunities for awareness and self-control that the discipline of apnea offers. And so, stand by to ‘hold your breath … and inhale some emotion’!’

Read all on : http://alessandrovergendo.com/deep-inside-e-in-e-book-leggi-la-versione-in-inglese/

Book: Deep inside

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