Blue week Sharm El Sheik

08 maggio 2017

Blue week Sharm El Sheik

The Freediving Weeks will take place in the beautiful and rich waters of Sharm el Sheikh, in the Red Sea, from the 8th to the 15th of May 2017. It will be possible to train all together in constant, variable, static and dynamic. The week will be organized as an open opportunity to join for all freedivers, their relatives and friends. It will be possible to dive with some of the best freedivers in the world.
During the Freediving Week, there will be a sled for the variable weight available for all the freedivers: some Apnea Academy Instructors and Freediving World (in charge of Organization) will guarantee the assistance. A diving area with about ten diving lines for the constant weight will be placed at different depths for any level freedivers.
The diving area (for the constant and the variable) will be located next to the beach; it will be easily reachable and it won't be necessary to use a boat to reach the diving place.
Local organization, Freediving World (info@andreazuccari.com), will provide to the athletes the weight for the belt, logistic support etc. For all these services, for the each week, the cost will be 60 euro per person. The fare will be paid to the local organization at the arrival in Sharm.
Water temperature is around 26° (Celsius) with an about 35 metres of visibility. Air temperature will be about 30 degrees.

The Apnea Center "Freediving World", in charge of the organization of the course, is located inside the resort Bravo Sharm Club. 


Freediving World <info@freedivingworld.it>, andrea <info@andreazuccari.com>

Blue week Sharm El Sheik

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Blue Week Sharm El Sheik
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